About Us

A father and daughter tag team created the Fantastic Angel Crafts website in 2022. Since nursery time, my daughter En Rui will come home with paper arts from her school every day. The number of arts she brought home does not stop even when she is in Primary 2. As a father, I noticed that her artwork was getting more refined and creative, but I could only acknowledge it with a nod whenever she showed me her artwork. Our house walls are pasted with paper arts from my son and daughter; hence I can’t paste anymore, or my wife will grumble.

As time passed, her arts lay all around the house and sometimes discarded in (e.g. bookshelf and TV console). Hence, we had to pack up her arts and store them away. As a computer enthusiast, I started an online photo gallery to store her daily arts. It will be a simple process like taking up my mobile phone, snapping and uploading to Fantastic Angel Crafts. We are making this a public website to share her arts with her friends using tags. We hope parents can easily use this website to look back on and share their kids’ artwork.

My father likes to play games, my mother likes to try out new recipes, and my brother likes to eat a lot. I like to sing, dance and draw.