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    Questions and Answers

    Yes, it is absolutely safe because photos are not published to the public until we review them. However, if you spot any inappropriate content, do contact us.

    No, we don't sell and have no plans of doing it in the future. This is not the reason why we set up Fantastic Angel Crafts website!

    No, we cannot stop them because the default behavior of browsers allows them to download freely. By adding watermark to photos, we hope to prevent theft but ultimately, if you don't want someone to steal your image, the best way is not to share it on our website.

    No, you cannot because Fantastic Angel Crafts is not account-based. Hence, there is no way to identify your photos. However, if it is just for few recent photos, then you may contact us with the image link and item to modify and we will perform it from our end.

    No, you cannot delete your own or anyone else photos. However, you may contact us to do it but please provide us some ways to identify your photos, e.g., tag name

    No, currently we do not accept video uploads but may offer it in the future. Videos are much larger in file size hence will require more storage space.

    We are not like Dropbox or iCloud so please don't upload all your precious photos to our website for safe keeping. Our goal is to let older kids or parents with young kids share unique craft works.

    It is listed in the Upload Guide. To search for your photos, you will need to upload your all photos with a similar but unique tag name. E.g., snowytan9191, luvpikachu150, ~angelicrafts~ We cannot guarantee other users will not use the same tag as you even if you started using it first so be creative and unique to lower the probability.

    If your photo does not appear after 1 week, it is highly possible that we rejected it because it failed our review guidelines. We do not provide status update when a photo get approved or rejected because we do not collect your email address at all.

    No, we don't accept them because it is overly simplified. However, if the drawing is original (e.g., hand-drawn), then we will accept as long as it is creative.