Upload Guide

We want to make sharing kids art and crafts as simple as ABC while at the same time ensuring that Fantastic Angel Crafts remains a safe website for kids. While we do accept arts from kids of all ages, our target users are kids below 10 years old. We are looking for artwork that make some sense but not overly mature. Hence, we may reject any artwork that does not fit into Fantastic Angel Craft website theme so please don’t hate us for this. (^-^)

6 Step Guide

  1. Click [Upload Photo] button
  2. Title – a name for your art
  3. Description – Tell us about your art. You may include from where and for what occasion etc.
  4. Nickname – Reuse your unique name for all your uploads to share with your friends.
  5. Choose photo – Choose/ Take a photo from your mobile, tablet or PC gallery.
  6. Submit Now– Submit your photo for our review


This is not required for upload but we recommend you to have at least 2 items:

  1. Short sentence – A basic simple sentence should be short (ideally no more than five words) used to describe your art work so that your photo will appear when others search for it at Fantastic Angel Crafts website.
    E.g., Santa Claus carry gifts ★ Angels are beautiful ★ Cute paper squirrel from class K2 Faith 2022
  2. Nickname – Share this nickname tag with your friends or relatives so that they may search and view your uploaded arts on Fantastic Angel Crafts website.
    E.g., enrui2013 ★ angelcrafts2022 ★ redranger6

Wait for Approval

The submitted photo will not be visible to other users until we reviewed and publish it. Photos which do not adhere to our guidelines below will not get published. This will take 1 – 3 days.

Paper plate fish craft – we want joy

Guidelines for Uploading Photos

#Types of Photos /
1.Obscene photos, e.g., nude photos
2.Coloring on printouts
3.Overly simple drawings, e.g., a circle, a stickman or scribbling lines
4.Arts and crafts belonging to others
E.g., you saw a nice artwork and decided to take photo and upload it without consent
5.Photos showing faces, e.g., a kid holding his/her artwork but his/her face is exposed
6.Outdoor artistic photo shoots, e.g., stay-cation, zoo visit or scenery photos
7.Arts and crafts created by adults only
E.g., adults did all or most of the craft works for his/her kid
8.Non-paper craft works (as long as original)
9.Self-drawn arts with/without coloring
10.Arts and crafts by parent-child team
11.Arts and crafts kids bring back from school
12.Craft works that kids bring back from (e.g., National Gallery, Science Centre or ArtScience Museum)
where the he/she actually did some work other than simply coloring on it